Jules, aka Trout Girl



I started fly fishing in 1999 at the suggestion of my mother. She and my father had visited a friend’s new home in Wyoming. The host asked my father if he and my mother wanted to go fly fishing. My father said that he did but he didn’t think my mom would want to. Well my mother said, “I want to go! I may not like it but I want to try it.” She came back from the trip and told me she thought I’d really enjoy it. I thought fishing was about sitting on a dock watching a bobber for hours...yawn! Then I saw an article on a fly fishing seminar in Redding and asked my mom if she wanted to go. We signed up with no idea what to expect. Over three days, Rachel Andras taught my mother and I the basics of fly fishing. Years later my mother and I are still fishing together.

Fly fishing is my hobby and I’m passionate about it. I’m also passionate about conserving, preserving and restoring our fish and rivers. Please find out more about your local conservation organization and get involved!


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